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We look forward to making your day! Really we do!

Office Complete is locally founded, owned, and operated! We are obsessed with giving our customers a positive, personal experience and you can see our commitment in every interaction. It's in all that we do...the extra step, smile, and sometimes literally the extra mile, to make your day more positive, happier, and a lot more awesome than if you were doing this on your own.

Office Complete provides services in four key areas: Architectural Printing, Plotter Supplies, Staffing and Specialized Courier. We are a perfect fit for any professional organization and would love to show you how we can make your work day more fantastic by partnering with us.

AccountsOpening an account

Of course, now your naturally asking, "How do I open an account with Office Complete?" It's easier than shucking corn in a hen house (wait, what?) But seriously, just give us a call (455-3278) send us a text or an email and in less than 5 minutes we can set up your account. That's it! You’re done and ready to go!

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  • Temporary Help

  • Outsourcing

  • Project Management

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Staffing & Temporary Employment Services

Temporary Help - Outsourcing - Fee For Hire - Project Management

In our fast moving economy, where change is the only constant, flexibility is the key to success. Nowhere is that flexibility more important than in the area of staffing. The ability to match levels of staffing to changing work requirements means more precise cost control.

Office Complete provides creative, cost effective solutions for all your staffing needs. Call us today to see how we can help.

  • Blue Print

  • Architectural

$0.87starting at

Printing Blue Print & Architectural

Office Complete LOVE’S printing Engineering and Architectural Drawings! We LOVE it so much we offer all our FREDERICTON customers FREE same day– pick-up and delivery!

And to all our Awesome customers outside Fredericton we offer next day delivery and a super competive price you’ll find it hard to believe.

Office Complete has top quality Plotters that offer the high-precision printing of detailed plans, delivering accurate, professional results for our customers. We do this because our customers are Amazing and/or Awesome and deserve the very best.

Email your drawings to – print@officecomplete.ca

Are your files too big to email? ... Please use DROPBOX! Its great and its FREE!

  • Paper

  • Inks

$14starting at

SuppliesWide format & Plotting

We have created amazing relationships with some incredible businesses from architectural & engineering firms, to small, medium, and large construction companies.

In fact, dozens of businesses throughout New Brunswick use Office Complete for the printing of architectural drawings and for all of their plotter supply needs. As an Office Complete customer, it is our promise to have ALL of your very own plotter supplies stocked and ready to be delivered to your location ASAP. This customized inventory service, high quality printing, and commitment to a positive experience every time means it is only natural that you would want to use us. We're awesome. You're awesome. It's a great fit!

So, I hear you asking, "How do I open an account with Office Complete?" Well, it’s super simple. Just give us a call (455-3278) send us a text or an email and in less than 5 minutes we can set up your account. That's it! You’re done and ready to go!

We look forward to giving you an awesome experience!

  • Courier

$6starting at

Specialized Courier& Next Day Shipping

Office Complete offers customized courier solutions. Both Same day and Next day services available Call text or email us to see how we can help your Office.

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